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Agriculture and livestock. Fisheries

V Premi Escola, Agricultura i Alimentació Ecològica

S’adreça a centres educatius amb projectes relacionats amb l’agricultura i l’alimentació ecològica

Ban on lighting fires in woodlands

The measure, which will be in force from 15 March to 15 October, affects wooded areas and the 500-metre-wide strip of land that surrounds them

Start of the submission period for the Single Agricultural Declaration 2017

To facilitate the processing over 796 citizen care points have been established

Programa de foment de la producció ecològica 2015-2020

The Ministry has announced 100% payment of aid from 2015 to organic livestock producers and the revision of this line with a view to 2017

Mushroom harvesting in Poblet

The pilot mushroom harvesting scheme for the area of Poblet and its area of influence has been extended.

This year's grape harvest will be similar to last year’s

It is expected that the quality of the grapes will be very good

Consumption of organic produce

Consumers of organic produce are loyal customers and spend a third of their budget on food

Submission of the Single Agricultural Declaration 2016

Over 801 citizen service points have been set up to facilitate the procedure