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Agriculture and livestock. Fisheries

An early grape harvest

The harvest is expected to be smaller than usual but of a very high quality

An Asian predatory wasp nest destroyed in the Alt Empordà

The Ministry of Agriculture activated a joint protocol with the apiculture sector to deal with the Asian predatory wasp (Vespa velutina) and this spring distributed more than 200 traps in an attempt to prevent the species spreading

Fresh fruit in restaurants and at all meals

The main requirement for the incorporation of an establishment into this initiative is that at least 50% of the desserts on offer contain fresh fruit as their main ingredient

Ban on lighting fires in woodlands

The measure, which will be in force from 15 March to 15 October, affects wooded areas and the 500-metre-wide strip of land that surrounds them

V Premi Escola, Agricultura i Alimentació Ecològica

S’adreça a centres educatius amb projectes relacionats amb l’agricultura i l’alimentació ecològica

Grants for innovation cooperation

This new call for grants will release half a million euros more than the previous two calls

Start of the submission period for the Single Agricultural Declaration 2017

To facilitate the processing over 796 citizen care points have been established

Programa de foment de la producció ecològica 2015-2020

The Ministry has announced 100% payment of aid from 2015 to organic livestock producers and the revision of this line with a view to 2017