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Trade. Consumption

The end of roaming

From 15 June, call and data charges when using a mobile in another European Union country will be eliminated

Les telecomunicacions i Internet encapçalen les reclamacions de consum

Els serveis generals de consum i l'electricitat, gas i aigua també són motius habituals de reclamació

Security in markets and shopping areas

Use a handbag that can be securely fastened: for example, with a zip closure, and make sure it is always properly closed

Delays and cancellations with Vueling

The Catalan Government has demanded that Vueling guarantee flights it has sold and cancel those which it cannot guarantee

Summer sale season

On 1 July the summer sale season begins for Catalan retailers

Minimum services during the Renfe strike

Strike action has been called on 10, 12, 14 and 16 June and will continue all day

Roaming or travelling telephone services

The new tariffs will be applied until 14 June 2017 inclusive. As from then, telephone companies will not be able to make this surcharge within the EU

Consumption of organic produce

Consumers of organic produce are loyal customers and spend a third of their budget on food