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123 blue flags for Catalonia

Catalonia is committed to the quality of its beaches and to sustainable high-quality harbours

09/05/2018 17:05
Beach of Cala Tamarit - Punta de la Mora

Beach of Cala Tamarit - Punta de la Mora

The 2018 international Blue Flag jury has awarded 123 flags to Catalonia, of which 101 are for its beaches and 22 are for sports harbours. Six new beaches have been added to the list of award winners, although the number of sports harbours has fallen by two.

This internationally recognised award is given to reward environmental management and safety, optimum facilities and provision of services, and environmental information and education. It also requires beaches to have excellent water quality and harbours to demonstrate excellent environmental management.

Commitment to sustainable high-quality harbours

This year, all 22 of Catalonia's harbours submitted have obtained a blue blag.

Almost 100% of bathing areas with high quality ratings

During the summer of 2017, around 93% of the coastal bathing areas obtained a microbiological water quality rating of excellent, while the remaining 5.5% were classified as good, according to the report produced by the Catalan Water Agency at the end of the bathing season.

101 are for beaches - six more than last year, and 22 are for sports harbours