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Mediation in mortgage foreclosure procedures

Before filing an administrative or judicial claim, financial institutions will be obliged to go to mediation or arbitration

22/05/2015 13:05
Mediation in mortgage foreclosure procedures

This service may be requested by those persons who detect abusive clauses in their loan or mortgage contracts; who have difficulty in making payments, currently or in the future; or who have received notice of a mortgage foreclosure procedure on their habitual residence.

Before beginning mediation it is necessary to have made a prior claim to the financial institution. After a period of one month without a reply or having received an unsatisfactory reply to the claim, a mediation process may be initiated with Ofideute.

Consumer mediation procedures will take a maximum of 3 months from the notification of the initial agreement. Ofideute may extend this period for a justified cause, although in no case can it exceed 6 months.

Ofideute’s intervention as an intermediary body has been made possible by the signing of cooperation agreement between the Catalan Consumer Agency and the Catalan Housing Agency.

Ofideute will act as a mediator between citizens and financial institutions in matters of debt and mortgage loans