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‘Welcome refugees’

New awareness campaign on refugees that appeals to the popular support of the Catalan people for welcoming others

30/09/2016 14:09
Cartell de la campanya

Today the Government of Catalonia’s Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Families has presented the awareness campaign “Welcome refugees”, which intends to appeal to the Catalan people’s support of asylum or international protection seekers.

The Generalitat currently has 1,216 accommodation vacancies for refugees distributed among 43 Catalan locations, of which only 419 are occupied through the state welcome and integration programme due to the Spanish state’s blockade. Meanwhile, the Secretariat for Equality, Immigration and Citizenship has an inventory of 126 resources for asylum seekers, including volunteers, accommodation and facilities, training, interpreters, therapists and the like, made up of individuals or entities lending their services to the Generalitat or to local initiatives.

The campaign
The campaign will officially begin next 4 October, although from today the televisions spot and its making-of can be viewed on the refugee.gencat.cat website and social media. This communication initiative will continue throughout the final quarter of 2016 and will include several items to guarantee an extensive multimedia dissemination (television, radio, social, graphic, outdoor and digital media).

The campaign features the students of the Pegaso School in Barcelona, who each wrote a letter last July to a different child in a refugee camp, inviting them to come to Catalonia. The best letter was selected in a competition and was used in the bulk of the awareness campaign and the author of the letter is featured in the television spot.

The initiative is framed within the projects by the Committee for welcoming refugees, which for the past year have integrated several ministries of the Generalitat, local initiatives and the main entities and organisations that work with refugees.

The videos of the campaign, which begins officially on 4 October, are available on the refugee.gencat.cat website