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Change to train timetables on the stretch between Tortosa and Tarragona

As of 2 November there will be changes to train schedules due to works on the new Vandellòs line.

02/11/2017 10:11
Suburban train

The administrator of rail infrastructures, Adif, will be carrying out works on tracks between Vandellòs and Bifurcació Calafat to adapt current infrastructure to the requirements of the new Barcelona-Tarragona-Valencia line, part of the Mediterranean Corridor.

The works mainly consist of the construction of a new double-track stretch between these two facilities, the modification of the platform layout at Vandellòs station and the linking of the two general lines between L'Ametlla station and the new station at L'Hospitalet de l'Infant. This means that service will be limited at Vandellòs station, where trains will be unable to pass each other in opposite directions.

New timetable
The works will mean changes to the timetables of trains operating on this stretch, that is R16 Regional line trains, Camp de Tarragona local lines RT1 and RT2 and Mediterranean Corridor Long-Distance services. The times affected will be departures and arrivals at Tortosa for R16 line trains.

In addition, there will be no service at Vandellòs on the weekend of 25 and 26 November. Renfe will be providing alternative transport by road.

Shorter journey times on the R15 line
The works to be undertaken by Adif will improve journey times on R15 Regional lines, which link Riba-roja and Barcelona. Northbound, journeys will be an average ten minutes shorter, and seven minutes shorter southbound. The works involve removing temporary speed limits on the stretches between Pradell and Riudecanyes, and Ascó and Móra la Nova.

On the weekend of 25 and 26 November there will be no service while the works are in progress and an alternative service will be provided by road