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Flight cancellations

Check out your rights in relation to the cancellations of Monarch Airlines and Air Berlin flights

06/11/2017 11:11

The Catalan Consumer Agency offers all the information you need to make a claim in the event of a cancellation by either of the above airlines.

You can also find out what you need to do in the case of lost baggage or flight delays.

Monarch Airlines
The company ceased operations on 2 October 2017 and therefore as of that date all flights were cancelled. These cancellations affect the following companies:

  • Monarch Airlines Ltd
  • Monarch Holidays Ltd
  • First Aviation Ltd
  • Svro Ltd
  • Somewhere2stay Ltd

Air Berlin
The current situation of the company is that it is in serious debt and has filed to commence insolvency proceedings; it is currently in administration. The company was obliged to continue operating until November which means that ticket bookings cannot be cancelled free of charge.

If bankruptcy is confirmed and Air Berlin ceases trading, passengers can lodge a claim for credit (reimbursement of tickets, compensation, etc.) with the liquidator, although there is little chance of these being honoured as the assets will be used firstly to reimburse other creditors such as company employees and the German state.