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Door security personnel

The registration period for applications to take the proficiency test to work as door security personnel is open from 5 to 30 November

05/11/2018 12:11

The Ministry of the Interior has opened the application period to take the proficiency test for door security personnel. These staff perform the tasks of supervising and permitting admission to certain establishments, public events and recreational activities.

The period for submitting applications runs from 5th o 30th November inclusive.

To register for the proficiency test, you should be aged over 18, have no prior convictions for crimes against individuals, property or public health, have a minimum knowledge of the official languages of Catalonia, and have taken the training course given by the training centre authorised for this purpose.

The registration fee for the test is €29.45, payment of which should be made using the administrative tax form of the Ministry of the Interior.

The tests will be held at the Public Safety Institute of Catalonia in Mollet del Vallès. The date and time will be specified in the announcement of the definitive list of people accepted for and excluded from the process.

The test consists of three parts, all of which must be passed:

  • Part 1 – Knowledge module
  • Part 2 – Practical module
  • Part 3 – Basic written dialogue in Catalan and Spanish

The three exercises will be held one after the other, without interruptions, lasting around one-and-a-half hours. In addition a psychometric test will be held.

The registration fee for the test is €29.45