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Start of the registration period for teaching placements

The period runs from 26 April to 14 May

23/04/2018 14:04
Start of the registration period for teaching placements

Every school year, the Catalan Government draws up a single list of candidates to cover vacant positions in public schools as temporary placements or substitute teachers in Catalonia. The registration period is now open for these placements to cover the places necessary to start the school year in September.

To apply, you need to fulfil certain requirements such as holding a specific university degree in the subject being taught, especially in the case of engineering, mathematics, philology and other subjects; and a master’s degree in teaching or a written undertaking to obtain one within the next three academic years.

The period for applying runs from 26 April to 14 May.

On the website you will find details of the faculties and specialist subjects available, the syllabuses that should be given, and the qualifications necessary to teach each subject.

It is no longer essential to have a master’s degree in teaching, but applicants must undertake to obtain one within three academic years

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