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Three new courts and a legal office enter into operation

New judicial bodies will enter operation in Reus, Mataró, Terrassa and Cerdanyola del Vallès as of 1st October

01/10/2018 10:10
Reus Courts

Reus Courts

The commissioning of these new bodies falls within the project which, with a budget of 7.4 million, aims to create 14 courts throughout Catalonia for 2018-2019.

From 1 October the following new bodies will enter operation:

The Reus Court of First Instance number 7 (family court)
Specialising mainly in separations, divorces, marriages, filiations and adoptions. It will also decide on capacitation and institutionalisation when an adult is not responsible for their actions owing to physical or mental health

It is the second court in the city intended for family matters, since the Court of First Instance number 6 was the only family-specialised court. Reus currently has 14 courts (7 courts of first instance, 4 investigative courts, 2 criminal courts, 1 employment court and 1 domestic violence court) in addition to the Duty Court, the Senior Court, the Civil Registry and the Public Prosecutor's Office.

The Court of First Instance number 9 in Mataró
Focused on resolving matters such as conflicts between individuals or entities, economic claims and dwelling occupancy. This new court of first instance may also determine the total or partial disability of an individual and even designate legal guardians.

In turn, despite the fact that it is included in its obligations, it will not deal with family-related cases – such as divorce, custody or adoption – because Mataró already has two courts specialised in this area.

Court of First Instance number 9 in Terrassa (family court)
Specialised in separations, divorces and adoptions. It is also responsible for determining the disability of individuals and deciding upon internments to psychiatric centers. It is the city's second court dedicated to family matters, since until now the only family-specialised institution was the Court of First Instance number 6.

Cerdanyola del Vallès legal office
Assists the judges and magistrates in the jurisdictional function of the courts of Cerdanyola del Vallès, by drawing up judgements and other resolutions, resolving appeals and processing proceedings.

Schedule for 2018-2019

  • A new court will enter operation in El Vendrell (1st Instance and Investigative 9) at the end of December and another in Hospitalet de Llobregat (1st Instance 8).
  • The remaining courts in Girona (1st Instance 7), Sabadell (1st Instance 9 and 10) and Lleida (1st Instance 9) will be created during 2019.

A total of 14 courts will be created throughout Catalonia for 2018-2019

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