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Historical comparator of the territory over the last 70 years

Businesses and individuals can reuse this application's source code to create their own products and services

10/05/2018 14:05
Comparison between two points on the Catalan coast

Comparison between two points on the Catalan coast

How has Catalonia changed in the last 70 years? How have the town grown, and how has the territory been urbanised? The Cartographic and Geological Institute of Catalonia (ICGC) has launched a web application - the Historical Comparator of the territory, which can be used to explore the evolution of any point in Catalonia from 1945 to the present day.

The source code is also available to the public so that the images generated by this application can be reused to create products and services.

Two types of comparisons can be made using the viewer; placing the orthophotos of the selected point in the years that interest the viewer next to each other, or panning across the image using the central button, to display the changes at a specific point.

Once you have selected the type of images you want to compare, you can create an GIF to show the evolution of that point in the territory using animation.

The importance of working with open source

The source code of the Historical Comparator is available in the Government of Catalonia's online repository at GitHub, promoted by the Directorate General of Public Service. This means that citizens and businesses can reuse the images they generate to create their own products and services. This enhances the networked work of the digital society.

Github is a platform for sharing and developing content in a collaborative way. For example, the Bundestag (the German Parliament) shares federal laws and regulations, and the government of the United Kingdom shares documentation on how to edit its repositories. Various guides and applications are available in the repository of the Government of Catalonia.

A new web application compares the development of territory in Catalonia from 1945 until the present day