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Delays and cancellations with Vueling

The Government of Catalonia will oversee the airline’s compliance with its commitments by holding joint monitoring committee meetings every week

04/07/2016 20:07

The Catalan Government has demanded that Vueling guarantee flights it has sold and cancel those which it cannot guarantee with sufficient notice to allow passengers to find alternatives. A monitoring committee made up of the Catalan Ministries of Territory and Sustainability and Business and Knowledge, together with the airline, will oversee compliance with this commitment. The committee will also ensure that the company provides the Catalan Government with all the data it needs to clarify the reasons for the delays and cancellations currently being suffered by passengers.

This was one of the resolutions adopted by the meeting of all parties held at the Ministry of Territory and Sustainability headquarters.

Detailed information

The aim of the first monitoring committee meeting, which will take place early next week, will be to make a specific impact assessment with respect to the 56 cancelled flights and 8,000 affected passengers since Thursday 30 June, according to data supplied by Vueling.

A call has also been made for the company to supply information about its material and human resources, in order to check that its growth in flights and operations has been matched by the corresponding investment.

Guarantee at the peak of operations

Among the undertakings that Vueling has made to representatives of the Catalan Government to normalise the situation is that of hiring 130 information agents, and to contract six aeroplanes and 32 pilots, equivalent to 17 complete aircrews. It will also increase turnaround time from 35 to 45 minutes to allow for greater reaction time in the event of unforeseen incidents.

Sanctions for bad practice

The Catalan Ministry of Business and Knowledge issued an initial information requirement to the airline on Tuesday 28 June, and a second on Friday 1 July, which was extended to include AENA.

The Catalan Consumer Agency currently has two passenger information points at the airport, one in the departure area and another in that or arrivals, in order to offer support to users in submitting their corresponding claims and complaints to the company.

The Catalan Government has demanded that Vueling guarantee flights it has sold and cancel those which it cannot guarantee

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