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Authorised store opening days

The calendar of authorised Sunday and public holiday openings in 2017 is rounded off with 10, 17 and 24 December

05/12/2017 09:12

According to the Trading Hours Act on the authorised store opening days for Sundays and public holidays in 2017-2018, stores in Catalonia are permitted to open on Wednesday 6 and Friday 8 December. The calendar of authorised opening days for 2017 is rounded off with 10, 17 and 24 December. In 2018, stores will also be allowed to open on 7 January.


The Ministry of Business and Knowledge, through the Directorate-General for Trade, establishes a total of eight Sundays or public holidays on which stores are authorised to open, although town councils may change these for up to two other dates. According to the Trading Hours Act, two more days may be added to this calendar, which town councils are required to establish on the basis of the most commercially opportune dates in agreement with local traders.


More than one hundred Catalan town councils have modified or added to their authorised store opening calendars for 2017. With regard to the two additional Sundays or public holidays that town councils are allowed to establish, councils that do not stipulate a particular date are automatically allocated the dates of 12 October and 3 December 2017.

On 6 and 8 December, stores in Catalonia are authorised to open