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Catalan Refugee Programme

The Programme is aimed at refugees who have completed the State programme without having reached sufficient personal independence

24/01/2017 14:01

In January the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family – through the Ministry of Equality, Migration and Citizenship – will begin the implementation of a Catalan Programme to care for refugees. This Programme represents a paradigm shift with respect to the State refugees reception programme, and is primarily aimed at meeting the basic needs of the refugees and, then, helping them achieve social and financial independence to enable them to fully exercise their citizenship.

The Catalan Refugee Programme (CRP) will be developed in collaboration with the people, civil society and the local authorities. Its design is based on the best international integration experiences as well as the accumulated experience of Catalonia.

The Programme is aimed at refugees who have completed the State programme without having reached sufficient personal independence, although, exceptionally, it will also accept refugees who have left the State programme for other justified reasons in situations of social exclusion. The beneficiaries must be registered in Catalonia and should have annual incomes below the Minimum Insertion Income during the previous 12 months.

Each of the beneficiaries will have to commit to following an individual activity plan to promote their autonomy, which will focus on three main areas: learning the language, labour training and employment and social participation.

This Programme includes financial support and will be awarded by the Government through a public announcement and will ensure basic needs: housing, utilities, food, clothing, medicine, personal hygiene and the costs of compulsory schooling.

The financial coverage will last a maximum of 12 months, reviewed every three months. Based on the quarterly assessment, the refugee may leave the Programme if they have reached a sufficient level of autonomy, or if they do not meet the Individual Activity Plan commitments or if they have misused the financial resources they have received.

Refugees are committed to learn Catalan and Spanish, follow the guidance, training and employment activities of the Programme and participate in planned activities that will help them establish social ties with the people and organisations in their environment.

How to become part of the Reception Group:

These people receive the support of a group of 3 to 5 mentors, the Host Group. Mentors will be selected through Government procedures. The chosen people must complete a specific training course and a personal interview. They must commit to spending between two and four hours a week for a year to help care for these people.

The Catalan Refugee Programme will also involve entities that will support the members of the Reception Groups and local entities (town and country councils) who will evaluate the Individual Activity Plan.

The Plan will ensure the full integration of the refugees