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  • National Day of Catalonia

    The date 11 September 1714 marked the end of the struggle for the Principality and the beginning of an era when secular liberties were lost.

  • The Civil Code of Catalonia, approved

    The Civil Code of Catalonia governs obligations and contractors.

  • Public Holidays

    In 2017, there will be 13 bank holidays in Catalonia. Town councils can add a further two holidays to that number.

  • Opening hours

    The practical guide to opening hours offers an informative frame to know when I am able to open and what type of outlet do I have

  • How to lower your power bill

    If we want to reduce power bills we should bear in mind how the electricity companies calculate prices, depending on the characteristics of the meter installed in the dwelling, the type of contract and the tariff chosen by the user.

  • Safe driving

    Passive safety features and general advices. 

  • Mobile World Congress

    General information about MWC and catalan participation.