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Traffic restrictions during pollution episodes

From 1 December 2017, there may be temporary traffic restrictions in Barcelona and the towns surrounding the ring roads (Rondes) if high levels of air pollution are detected. Vehicles will be authorised to use the roads according to the date of their registration and pollutant emission levels (some vehicles will have an environmental sticker to facilitate their identification). Drivers will be warned in advance and alternative transport measures will be put in place to ensure public mobility.

When will traffic restrictions take place?

Between 7 am and 8 pm on working days when an air pollution episode has been declared.

It is estimated that these restrictions will only happen once a year.

How will I know if there are traffic restrictions?

You will be notified 48 hours in advance by:

  • The websites and
  • The social networks of the Government of Catalonia with the hashtags #airenetCAT and #qualitataire.
  • Warnings from Civil Protection on the gencat app.
  • The media.
  • Informative panels on the highway network.

Which locations will they affect?

  • The municipalities of Barcelona, apart from Zona Franca-Industrial and the districts of Vallvidrera, Tibidabo and Les Planes.
  • L'Hospitalet de Llobregat.
  • Some of the municipalities bordering the Rondes (Esplugues de Llobregat, Cornellà de Llobregat and Sant Adrià de Besós).

The ring roads themselves (Rondes) will be exempt from these restrictions.

Which vehicles will not be allowed to drive?

  • Petrol vehicles registered before 2000.
  • Diesel vehicles registered before 2006.
  • Vans registered before 1994.

The vehicles of people with reduced mobility, emergency vehicles (police, fireworks and ambulances) and essential services (doctors, funeral services, etc.) are exempt from these restrictions.

In 2018, lorries, coaches, buses and vans in the Euro1, Euro 2 and Euro 3 categories are also exempt.

As of 2018 December 1st, the restrictions will also apply to motorcycles and mopeds prior to Euro 2 (mostly vehicles registered before 2003).

What is the environmental sticker?

It is a sticker than visually identifies the vehicles that are permitted to drive when there are traffic restrictions for environmental reasons. This infographic from the Government explains its features.

It is not mandatory to have the sticker but we recommend that you affix it to the windscreen to speed up vehicle identification during traffic controls.

You can buy them at Post Offices. 

Is there a fine for non-compliance?

There is a fine of €100, which can be reduced to €50 if paid immediately.

What transport alternatives will I have?

During the implementation of traffic restriction measures, the frequency of public transport will be increased (metro, buses, tram, FGC and Rodalies) and the use of the T-aire ticket will be activated, a multi-person ticket comprising two journeys with a 10% discount.

Update:  13.11.2018