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In the event of an accident

Place a warning triangle 50 metres from the vehicle.

When a traffic accident occurs, a number of steps must be taken. First of all, keep calm. Then:


Stop the car off the road, in a place that does not block the traffic in order to avoid further accidents.


Place the warning triangle at least 50 metres from the vehicle. Remember to wear the legally required reflective vest at all times when outside the vehicle.


Switch off the engine and put the hand brake on. First check to see if there is any further danger, such as leaking fluids that could catch fire.

Keep calm

Calm people down and ask curious bystanders to keep their distance. If possible, talk to any injured people to check how they are.


Call the emergency services (112)  from a mobile phone or SOS point, notifying them of the exact location of the accident and the condition of any casualties.

First aid

Only provide first aid if you have medical knowledge. Otherwise, it is best to do nothing more than place tissues or dressings on wounds to limit bleeding. Don't give injured people anything to eat or drink, and only move them if the car is about to burn or fall off the road. Never remove motorcyclists' helmets.