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The official ceremony

The Catalan Government and Parliament are celebrating the Catalan National Day by paying tribute to emigrants

This year, the theme of the National Day celebrations will be migrations, and they will stress that Catalonia has been a welcoming land throughout its history.

The Catalan Government and Parliament will be celebrating Catalonia’s National Day with a joint institutional act in tribute to and remembrance of all migrants, both new arrivals and Catalans who have been forced into exile, both in the present day and at previous points in our history. The event will take place on 10 September at 9:30 pm in Barcelona’s old El Born Market.

This year, the theme of the National Day celebrations will be migrations: from the arrival of Roma people in Catalonia 600 years ago, to the “allez ! allez !” of the republican diaspora, to the Jewish diaspora that crossed the Pyrenees during the Second World War; from the Murcians who came to build the 1929 Barcelona Universal Exhibition, to the arrival in Catalonia of Andalusians and Extremadurans fleeing the Spanish Civil War; from the arrival of immigrants from Africa, the Americas and Eastern Europe, to the migratory movements of young people forced to leave their homes, to the Syrian exodus to Europe.

Catalonia has historically been a welcoming land. Catalan culture is a blend of many different cultures, which have enriched our society. Empathy, both for those who have passed through Catalonia in times of armed conflict, and for those who have stayed, as well as for those who are coming or are yet to come, is a characteristic trait of Catalan people. 

The show will also include references to the commemoration of 600 years since the Roma people arrived in Catalonia and of 100 years since the death of composer and pianist Enric Granados i Campiña (1867-1916). 

The Catalan College of Music (ESMUC) Chamber Orchestra; Dani Espasa; Barcelona’s Cantiga Choir; the Sant Esteve Choir from Castellar del Vallès; the bands Rumbamazigha, The Sey Sisters and Obeses; the dance troupe Pol Jiménez; and the actors Pep Munné, Pep Planas, Mireia Illamola and Artur Raurich will take part, with either musical performances or readings.

The institutional act will take place on 10 September at 9:30 pm in Barcelona’s old El Born Market.