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  • How to make a Kings ring cake

    Find out the origin of the Kings cake and how it is made in Catalonia and in other parts of the world, where it goes by other names and where the tradition of the bean and the king comes from.

  • Healthy menu

    Advice for more healthy alternatives during Christmas, for aperitifs and the Christmas dinner.

  • Tasta Catalunya

    Campaign to promote typical Catalan Christmas food products. Includes information on the establishments that offer Christmas hampers.

  • Healthy recipes

    Cooking should be something delicious that we do to food in order to make us healthy and happy. This goes for Christmas holiday meals, but also for the more simple day to day meals.

  • Som gent de profit

    Website with practical advice on better preservation of foodstuffs and how to avoid wasting food, and a calculator that helps you shop in accordance with the number of people you have to feed and the dishes you want to prepare.