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Culture and tradition

  • The holidays are coming

    Where does the "shitting log" tradition come from? How do you make a Christmas crèche? Why do we celebrate the day of "The Holy Innocents"? Since when do people eat the Tortell de Reis? Who is the man with the nassos? Let us show you a little more about popular Christmas traditions in Catalonia.

  • Christmas activities

    There are several Christmas activities for all tastes and ages: fairs, live crèches, concerts, performances of Els Pastorets (The Little Shepherds), poetry readings, processions and the San Silvestre race on the 31st December.

  • Carillon of the Palau

    The Carillon concert on St Stephen's Day is held in the Palau de la Generalitat and is one of the traditional activities held every year to celebrate Christmas. The concert is given by the carillonist Anna Maria Reverté.

  • Christmas in Catalan

    Christmas Special from the Consorci per a la Normalització Lingüística: The songs, the Christmas tree, the tió, the letter to the Three Kings, the traditional stories and sayings, "els pastorets", the Christmas cards and the presents... All in Catalan!