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  • Recycling of Christmas trees

    See the Christmas tree collection campaigns in your area.

  • A green Christmas

    Information on the trees and bushes found at Christmas time: the Christmas tree, mistletoe, holly, moss, poinsettia and broom.

  • Christmas lights

    The Christmas lights are switched on between the second last Friday of the month of November and the 6th January, when a maximum of 168 hours are authorized.

  • Good practice for moss collecting

    The season for collecting moss lies between 15th September and 15th May. The limit for domestic collection is 4 m2.

  • Millor que nou

    Campaign aimed at lengthening the life of your belongings and generating less waste. Repair workshops and second hand shops. Workshops teaching how to repair objects.

  • R-ciclejoguines

    Campaign to raise awareness and the selective collection of toys and small electrical and electronic devices in schools and in communities.

  • Xarxa compra reciclat

    The Xarxa Compra Reciclat is a space where you can find offers and demands for recycled, recyclable and/or biodegradable products, with the aim of promoting the market for these products.