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Street parties with caution

The arrival of summer in Catalonia means the celebration of popular and traditional festivities such as street parties, with a corresponding increase in the use of pyrotechnical material and the lighting of bonfires. Community protection advice is intended to minimise the risks associated with the use of such material, which can affect both people as well as the environment.  

The risks of fire and firecrackers

If you are going to enjoy the festivities and traditions of Catalonia you must take into account the risks presented by fire and firecrackers.

As regards firecrackers, you should oversee the behaviour of children, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and never let off rockets near woods or forests.

Bonfires must never be lit near buildings and must be under the supervision of an adult at all times. No objects that might explode or rise up into the air should ever be thrown onto the bonfire.

In correfocs (fire-runs) always follow instructions given by the organisers and wear appropriate clothing.

Pau, Arnau and Anna in... What a party!

The comic series “Pau, Arnau and Anna in...” falls within the context of the awareness-raising campaign “Street parties with caution” carried out by the General Directorate of Civil Protection. The comic script is written by Montse Batalla and its illustrations are by Xevi Domínguez. It is intended to bring cautionary advice to the very young and inform them about the proper way to handle fireworks.