Temporada de bolets
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Mushroom season

Catalonia enjoys a well-known tradition for mushroom picking. The moment the autumn rains begin to fall, a huge number of people head for the woods eager to spend some time relaxing and filling their baskets with mushrooms.

But caution is necessary: some species are toxic and very dangerous.

Ignorance and confusion over edible varieties that look like others can often give rise to food poisoning, on occasions with a fatal outcome.

The basic criterion to avoid this is to eat only those mushrooms you know you can identify without a shadow of a doubt.

Type of mushrooms

  • Edible mushrooms

    Edible mushrooms

    Bloody Milk Cap, Waxy Cap, Yellow-footed Chanterelle, Black Trumpety, Panther Cap...

  • Toxic mushrooms

    Toxic mushrooms

    Death Cap, Cortinarius, Fly agàric, Panther Cap, Jack O'Lantern, Devil's bolete...