Temporada de bolets
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Precaution in the forest

Take care and precaution in the forest to avoid getting lost. Rescuing a mushroom gatherer lost in the forest costs the Generalitat of Catalonia an average of 2,200 Euros, including the use of human resources, land vehicles and helicopters. The following series of recommendations should be borne in mind when venturing into the mountains in search of mushrooms:

  • Plan the excursion well.
  • Before departing, check what the weather will be like. If the forecast is not good, it is better not to go looking for mushrooms. Remember that in the mountains, weather conditions may change quite suddenly.
  • Make sure that your apparel (clothing, footwear...) is suitable for the activity. When going into the forest wear visible clothing, bright colours -such as orange or yellow-, because this makes you easier to find if you get lost. 
  • Make sure you take some food, such as dried fruit and nuts, water and a mobile phone with you. When looking for mushrooms, it is better not to go alone. 
  • You should know the area where you are going to look for mushrooms, as well as its access roads. It is a good idea to note reference points for orientation -good points of reference are, for example, the place where you parked the car, a power line or a water course-. 
  • Do not spend too much time looking for mushrooms. Of the whole time you expect to be in the forest, also consider the time you will take to walk back so that you will not have to keep walking after dark. 
  • If necessary, call emergency rescue teams by phoning 112. Once you have told them your position, do not move until the rescue team finds you.