RSS de notícies de gencat Spend a Supernight in libraries More than 150 towns and 270 municipal libraries will be providing this free activity Mon, 14 May 2018 19:55:35 +0200 Violence by young people against parents: a phenomenon on the increase The number of young people referred by judges due to crimes involving family violence has increased by almost 14% over the last seven years Mon, 14 May 2018 19:45:03 +0200 New on-demand bus service between Gallifa and Caldes de Montbui The new service will connect users in Gallifa with other regular passenger transport lines Mon, 14 May 2018 19:39:41 +0200 A bridge for international expansion The 25th Internationalisation Week coincides with a historic record for sales by Catalonia abroad Mon, 14 May 2018 19:34:50 +0200 Quim Torra - 131st president of the Government of Catalonia Torra's candidature received 66 votes in favour, 65 against and 4 abstentions Mon, 14 May 2018 12:21:23 +0200 The deciding number in the pre-registration drawing of lots in pre-primary, and compulsory primary and secondary education The deciding number in the drawing of lots is 13,841. Mon, 14 May 2018 11:38:23 +0200 Pre-registration for higher secondary education and intermediate level diplomas begins The deadline is 24 May Mon, 14 May 2018 11:18:00 +0200 The preregistration period begins for training and integration programmes and for specific training tracks 14 to 25 May Mon, 14 May 2018 11:15:06 +0200 Train strike in France The SNCF train strike will affect trains to and from France Mon, 14 May 2018 09:18:00 +0200 Grants to buy low-emission taxis The grants are for vehicles travelling around the Barcelona conurbation Fri, 11 May 2018 19:57:33 +0200