Oficina d'atenció al ciutadà de Sant Honorat (Barcelona)
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Citizen information offices and territorial services

What do they offer?

The Citizen Information Offices of the Generalitat de Catalunya provide on-site attention services on the services and procedures that can be done both by the Generalitat and by other public administrations. They act as entities for registration of idCAT or idCAT Mòbil digital identification systems and can support telematic procedures.

There are citizen attention offices that offer general information and others that incorporate the new integrated care model, that is, they provide specialized information and can manage most of the services of the Generalitat. In addition, there are other offices that provide specific information about the subjects of a department, which can process the different services and procedures, and therefore the status of the files initiated can also be consulted.

The Citizen Information Offices of the Generalitat in Girona and Terres de l'Ebre (Tortosa) currently incorporate the integrated care model in terms of the ability to inform and manage all face care services of the territorial bodies of the departments in a single physical space and with informative people specialized in the different subjects.



Citizen Service Offices

Update:  06.06.2018