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Directory of mobile applications

  • Aplicació gencat

    Aplicació gencat

    Application that brings together mobile services created by the Government of Catalonia. It includes the applications of each operating system or mobile-optimized websites.

  • 061


    Geolocates, identifies, and sends details of the patient's health instantly during the call.

  • 1714


    Game teaching the history of Catalonia with the help of the historian Francesc Castellví.

  • Aire.cat


    To know what the air quality in the nearest stations to the user.

  • Carnet Jove

    Carnet Jove

    It facilitates the search for all the advantages, proposals and services that the card offers throughout the territory.

  • Catalunya Experience

    Catalunya Experience

    The best offers linked to gastronomy, wine tourism, activities in nature or holidays with family, among others.

  • Mobile Coverage

    Mobile Coverage

    Collaborative map of mobile phone coverage network.

  • Conduint


    Answer phone calls and messages with an SMS while driving.

  • DOGC


    Free consultation service of the Official Gazette of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

  • Elecciones 21D

    Elecciones 21D

     Results of the elections to the Parliament of Catalonia.

  • Elections 27S

    Elections 27S

    Results of the elections to the Parliament of Catalonia.

  • GCU


    Guide that combines catalan with other languages, like Spanish, French, English, Italian, German and Portuguese.

  • Infoconsum


    Tips and tools to exercise their rights as consumers.

  • iVacunes


    To find and follow the vaccination calendar applicable in Catalonia.

  • Platgescat


    Data in real time on nearly 300 Catalan beaches.

  • Posa't a prova

    Posa't a prova

    Aimed at students who are preparing to sit the university access exams (PAU).

  • Research your mind (RYM)

    Research your mind (RYM)

    Science quiz produced by the Fundació Catalana pera la Recerca i la Innovació.

  • Rodalies


    Service which lets you check the operating times of local trains, stations and incidents affecting the service

  • Trànsit


    It aprovides access to the Traffic Continuous Maps and pay traffic fines by mobile phone.

  • Visitmuseum


    It complements the tour in the chosen museum with contents available in several languages.