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Section Four: Reform of the Statute (Articles 56-57)

Article 56

  1. Reform of the Statute will comply with the following procedure:
    1. The reform initiative may come from the Executive council or Government of Catalonia, the Parliament of Catalonia in the form of a proposal by one fifth of its members, or the Spanish Parliament.
    2. In all cases, the reform proposal will require approval by a two-thirds majority of the Parliament of Catalonia, approval by the Spanish parliament in the form of an Act of Parliament and, finally, a positive result in a referendum of electors.
  2. If the reform proposal is not approved by the Parliament of Catalonia or by the Spanish Parliament or is not confirmed by a referendum of electors it may not be resubmitted for debate and voting by the Catalan Parliament until a year has elapsed.
  3. Approval of the reform by the Spanish Parliament in the form of an Act of Parliament will include Spanish government authorisation for the Government of Catalonia to hold the referendum referred to in paragraph b) of part 1 of this article.


Article 57


Despite the provisions of the foregoing article, when the purpose of the reform is simply to amend the organisation of the powers of the Government of Catalonia and does not affect the Autonomous Community's relations with the Spanish State, it may proceed as follows:

  1. The reform bill must be drawn up by the Parliament of Catalonia.
  2. Consultation of the Spanish Parliament.
  3. If, within a period of thirty days from receipt of the consultation request provided for in the foregoing item the Spanish Parliament does not declare itself to be affected by the reform, a referendum on the proposed text is duly authorised to be held.
  4. Finally, the approval of the Spanish Parliament will be required, in the form of an Act of Parliament.
  5. If, within the period indicated in point c), the Spanish Parliament declares it is affected by the reform, it will have to follow the procedure established in the previous article, with the procedures in part a) of point 1 of the aforementioned article considered as having been completed.
Update:  23.06.2014