The information tools concerning the political and legislative activity of the Government of Catalonia, aimed at both citizens and at other administrative bodies and entities.


Government exams and access to civil service

General information on entrance exams and recruitment procedures, the types of bodies, terms and conditions of official announcements, employment exchanges and syllabi for civil service posts

Public procurement

Website for the dissemination of information on the Government Administration's procurement activity and disclosure of contractor profiles of its contracting bodies.

Official Gazette of the Government of Catalonia

Official organ which publishes the laws of the Parliament of Catalonia, Government decrees and other provisions, administrative acts and other administrative documents.


Access to consult the collection of publications and the DOGC database.

Electronic noticeboard

Electronic publication of general interest information, notifications of events issued by the Government Administration and the other authorised entities.

Corporate identity program

Rules governing the corporate identity of the Generalitat, with a series of examples of the application of the Generalitat brand and that of its departments.


The transparency website of the Government of Catalonia makes public all the necessary information to enable the citizens of Catalonia to assess its management.