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Legal notice

The Government of Catalonia authorises the reuse of content and data worldwide, with no time limit or restriction, in the terms established by Creative Commons CC0, in accordance with Article 17.1 of Law 19/2014 of 29 December on Transparency, Access to Public Information and Good Governance, and beyond the basic terms established in Article 8 of Law 37/2007 on the Reuse of Public Sector Information (ensuring that the source is cited, the information is not altered or distorted and that the date of the latest update is given), and provided that it is not contradictory to the licence or notice that a work may have and which prevails.

The Generalitat de Catalunya is also committed to building responsive websites that are usable and accessible, thus ensuring access for anyone viewing them regardless of their physical, sensory or intellectual abilities, and no matter what device they use to visit them.

Modes of reuse of information at gencat.cat

Pursuant to Article 17.1 of Law 19/2014 of 29 December on Transparency, Access to Public Information and Good Governance, the reuse of public information is free and is not subject to any restrictions except in cases in which, according to regulations, it is subject to obtaining a Creative Commons recognition license for the protection of other rights or legal assets, or at the request of the interested party.

The Law 37/2007, of 16th November, on the re-use of public sector information, which transposes the Directive 2003/98/CE of the European Parliament and Council, and is amended by Law 18/2015, of 9 July (which in turn incorporates Directive 2013/37/EU), regulates the re-use of public information in the possession of administrations and bodies in which they have a majority share, that is to say, the right of all potential market agents to the re-use of information from public documents. In accordance with this rule, the Government of Catalonia permits the reproduction, distribution and public communication of the work and, furthermore, the transformation of the work in order to make derived works, for everyone and without time limits, in the terms established by the Creative Commons CC0 Legal Instrument, and provided that it does not contradict any license or notice that a work may hold.

In order to re-use the information, the following conditions must be followed:

  • Not distort the meaning of the information.
  • Always quote the source of the information.
  • State the date of the latest update of the information.

The source shall always be cited: Government of Catalonia. Ministry of [name of ministry]. [autonomous body, public company] except in cases in which there is a specific licence, in which the authorship and ownership of exploitation rights shall be acknowledged.

Check the contact of the departments or ministries and their autonomous bodies.

Other forms of reuse

Similarly, re-use can be limited by the protection of other priority legal rights, such as the protection of personal data (object of another legal notice), privacy or third party intellectual property rights. The re-use of work protected by intellectual property rights can be carried out by means of the use of open content licences, such as those ofCreative Commons, which give certain exploitation rights of work. In content where this type of licence is applied, re-use in the established conditions is permitted.

In no case is the use of logos, brands, coats of arms and distinctive symbols of the Generalitat of Catalonia authorised in publications and websites which do not have the involvement or are not sponsored by this institution. These elements of corporate identity are the exclusive property of the Generalitat of Catalonia and are protected by the applicable legislation in force.

Privacy: personal data protection policy of the gencat website

The Government of Catalonia guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data provided through the pages of this website in accordance with the terms established by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the Parliament and the Council, of 27 April 2016, on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of their personal data and the free circulation of these data, having implemented the necessary security measures appropriate to the risks associated with their processing. The data required will be those that are strictly necessary, appropriate and relevant for the purpose for which they are collected and will be subject to automated data processing.

On each page that contains forms for collecting personal data, users will be expressly informed of:

  • the existence of a system of personal data processing;
  • the identity and contact details of the data controller;
  • the contact details of the data protection representative;
  • the purpose for which the processed personal data will be used, and the legal basis of their processing;
  • the categories of the recipients of the personal data;
  • the length of time that the personal data will be stored;
  • the existence of the right of the data subject to ask the data controller for access to their personal data, for their rectification, erasure or restriction, and/or objection to their use;
  • the right to submit a claim to the competent authority if the communication of personal data is a legal or contractual requirement;
  • the existence of automated decisions, including the development of profiles.

In the event that any form for collecting personal data does not specify these rights and how to exercise them, you should notify:

The Directorate General for Public Services at Via Laietana, 14, 3r, 08003 Barcelona.

This body will report the incident to the department responsible for the page in question so that it can amend it and respond to your request.

Likewise, if you wish to exercise your right of access, rectification, erasure, objection and restriction of the processing of any of your personal data (including images or voice recordings) that may appear on an informative website of the portals of the Government of Catalonia, other than in a form, you can contact the department or body of the Government of Catalonia that is responsible for that page.

Check out the addresses of the different government departments and their dependent bodies.

How to use the data: terms of use and licences

The concept “reuse of information generated by the public sector” refers to the use made by people, enterprises and organisations to create new products and/or services for other publics or target groups.

Further information

Cookies Policy

The gencat.cat website uses the following cookies: categories of cookies and purpose.

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What are cookies?

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How do they work and what are they for?

  • Cookies form part of most websites. When you access a website that uses cookies, it makes the browser create small files on your computer (or tablet, smartphone, etc.) that contain the information necessary for the website to operate. These files (which are the cookies themselves) are part of the technology necessary for the optimum operation of the website and are not inherently harmful.
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What cookies does the Government of Catalonia use on its websites?

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NOTE: this information was provided on 16 May 2018 and you should note that as time goes by it may not be comprehensive, even though this cookies policy is reviewed regularly.


How to restrict, block and delete cookies

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Remember that if you block cookies it is possible that certain services or functionalities of the website will not operate correctly.



Update:  25.05.2018