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About gencat

In this section you will find information on access to the gencat website, its history from 1995 to the present, with design and content changes. You will also be able to find out the people responsible for web content, the editorial team. You will also find a section dedicated to the prizes and citations which this website has received in recent years, and an access to the different webs of the Government of Catalonia.


Is the official website of the Generalitat of Catalonia, the reference point for the people of Catalonia and around the world who want to find out about the Generalitat's organisms, activities and services.

In addition, it enables practical information on living to be found quickly and to get to know the country better in the political, social and cultural sphere.

If you want to send us your suggestions or complaints and help us to improve the website, we ask you to make use of the contact form Contact mailbox. Thank you for your collaboration.

Contact mailbox

For suggestions or complaints.

A bit of history

4th September 1995
gencat is born. The first websites emerge on the Spanish Internet.

11th September 2002
First graphic renewal of the gencat website.

October 2005
Impetus to a new design, accompanied by a reorientation to web 2.0. The accent is placed on the thematic and logical (rather than just administrative) organisation of content, accessibility, interactivity and user participation, content syndication, services for different devices (mobiles, etc.), multimedia...

September 2014
Fourth renovation of the website, in terms of both organisation of the information and graphic design. The gencat website’s commitment to mobility is reflected in its responsive design. Information and services are displayed regardless of the device being used, whether it be a computer, a tablet, or a mobile phone.

The gencat editorial team

The editorial team of the website (gencat.cat) is located at the General Directorate for Citizen Services, in the Ministry of the Vice-presidency and of the Economy and Finance. This team is responsible for the management of the corporate contents of the gencat portal, for the maintenance of the transversal sections (Topics, Electronic Office, Procedures, Generalitat, News and Contact) as well as updating and tools (search engines, directories, etc.)

Each department of the Government, organism, public enterprise or consortium which produces contents for the portal is responsible for the accuracy and validity of its own information. The Generalitat of Catalonia is not responsible for the veracity of information coming from other individuals or legal entities which appears on the website or which appears on other websites to which this website refers through its links.

Update:  28.06.2018