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Prizes and awards

The Government of Catalonia’s multichannel services have received a number of mentions and awards over the years, including:

VII Societat de la Informació (SOCINFO) - Catalunya 2015 Awards

‘Cataluña 2015’ award by the SOCINFO Foundation for the General Directorate for Citizen Services and Publicity of the Government of Catalonia.

Barcelona, 4 February 2015.


VI Societat de la Informació (SOCINFO) - Catalunya 2014 Awards

‘Electronic Democracy Solutions’ award by the SOCINFO Foundation for its transparency portal.

Barcelona, 18 February 2014.

BDigital Global Congress Awards (2013)

Finalist with its ‘gencat personalised notifications’ to mobile handsets, in the Disruptive Innovation category.

CaixaFòrum, 12 June 2013.

BDigital Global Congress Logo

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Quality and Innovation in Public Management Awards (2012)

Award for the organisational and functional model of the Government of Catalonia in Girona, at the 4th Spanish Public Service Quality Conference.

Madrid, July 2007.

Alfons Ortuño Award (2012)

Award by the Public Administration School of Catalonia (EAPC) to the Government of Catalonia’s Open Data project, in the area of sector-specific policy and social services, for the best endeavour in innovation and good practices in the Catalan public administration.

Alfons Ortuño Award (2012)

Honourable mention to the ‘Government of Catalonia in the Social Networks’ project, for its impact on the Catalan public administration.

Stockholm Challenge 2010

Honourable mention to the roll-out of multichannel services by the Government of Catalonia’s C3Cat eGovernment platform.

The gencat portal ranked among the world’s four best initiatives in the public administration category.


CRC 2010

Award for the best citizens’ service telephone hotline in Spain (2010) for the 012 citizen’s attention hotline, granted by the Spanish Association of Experts in Customer Contact Centres at the Call Center + CRM convention held in Madrid.

FAD 2010 Medal

Foment de les Arts i del Disseny (FAD) 2010 medal to the director general of the Government of Catalonia’s Citizen Attention service, Marta Continente, for the excellence of the Catalan administration’s services to the public.


Foment de les Arts i del Disseny (2010) medal

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eGovernment Awards 2009

Finalist in the European eGovernment Awards 2009.

In the "eGovernment empowering citizens" category, the Citizen Care Centric Approach, C3Cat project was nominated one of Europe’s three best initiatives.

The e-Catalunya interactive work platform was a finalist in the "eGovernment enabling administrative efficiency and effectiveness".

Malmö (Sweden), 19 November 2009.

Laus Bronze award 2009

Laus Bronze award in the INTERACTIVE category to the company CONTRAPUNTO for the product "L'Origen de la Festa," for an interactive presentation ordered by the Government of Catalonia and published on the gencat website to disseminate and celebrate the St. George’s Day festivities.

Barcelona, 19 May 2009.

Laus 2009 Awards sign

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Discapnet Good Practices Model" distinction

"Discapnet Good Practices Model" distinction to the Government of Catalonia website in the Estudio intersectorial sobre la accesibilidad de la web (Inter-Sector Study on Web Accessibility) report submitted by the Discapnet portal’s Infoaccesibility Observatory.

“Good Practice 2007”mention epractice

“Good Practice 2007” mention for the gencat site in the European eGovernment Awards.

The gencat site was also finalist in the third edition of the awards to the best government websites in the transparency and participation category.

The social network platform e-Catalunya, a space for participation on the gencat website, was highlighted in a report by the European Commission as one of the world’s top three Web 2.0 experiences.

September 2007.

Stockholm Challenge 2006

Mention to the gencat website in the public administration website category of the Stockholm Challenge 2006 international awards.

This acknowledgement placed the gencat website among the five best websites in the category of public administration ICT initiatives.

May 2006. 


Diploma for excellence in the use of information technologies

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ComputerWorld 2006

ComputerWorld 2006 award to the gencat website for Impact on the Citizens of Catalonia. This prestigious award granted by ComputerWorld magazine distinguishes the institution that has best served the public well-being.


ComputerWorld 2006 award for Impact on the Citizens of Catalonia

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