Agriculture, livestock, fisheries and food in Catalonia

  • Agriculture

    Good practices, biodiversity, plant health, agricultural production, agricultural machinery, hygiene, fertilizers, soil...

  • Food

    Labeling, food crafts, wine products, origin desks, agri-food quality, proximity sales, products, food chain, Catalan cuisine ...

  • Livestock

    Control and promotion of animal health and livestock production management: animal feeding, livestock identification, animal welfare, farm registration, animal movement, organic production, dairy sector, etc.


  • Fishing and aquaculture

    Management and control of the fishing fleet and fishermen's associations, European funds, marketing, traceability and consumption, aquaculture, species and fishing modalities, and recreational fishing.

  • Hunting

    Hunter's guide, licenses and permits, information to know where and when to hunt, what are hunting species, the sustainable hunting model, etc.

  • Sailing and diving

    Centres, courses and qualifications for sailing and fishing vessels and diving, both leisure and professional: exams, qualifications, courses, teaching centres and related taxes.

  • Rural development

    Actions that allow consolidating and increasing the quality of life of rural areas.

  • Food safety

    Alerts regarding foodstuffs, allergies, labelling, animal feed and biotechnology.

  • Ruralcat

    A virtual community with an information portal and services aimed at the rural and agri-food community in Catalonia.