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Information about what is Catalonia, both from the geographical and statistical views, and from the perspective of culture, history, language, cuisine, symbols, police, economy and fostering innovation.


Basic data
Geographic location: North-east corner of the Iberian Peninsula
Capital: Barcelona
Population: 7,508,106 inhabitants (2015)
Population density: 233.8 inhab/km2 (2015)
Surface area: 32.108,2 km2
GDP: 214,927 millions of euros (2015)
GDP per capita: 27.663 euros (2015)
Immigration rate: 13.69% (2015)
Government: Generalitat of Catalonia
National Anthem: Els Segadors (The Reapers)
Official languages: Catalan, Spanish and Aranese
Climate: Mediterranean
Natural spaces: 18 natural parks
Currency: euro
Internet domain: .cat
Telephone prefix: +34
Time zone: CET (summer time CEST)
National day: September 11th
Patron Saint: Sant Jordi (Saint George)
Patroness: Mare de Déu de Montserrat

Did you know that...

Patron Saint and Patroness of Catalonia are working days. Sant Jordi (St. George) was first included as standard in the Catalan constitution in 1456 and the Mare de Déu de Montserrat (Virgin of Montserrat) was proclaimed and crowned patron saint of Catalonia in 1881.
Catalonia comprises 947 municipalities grouped in 42 regions

Catalonia comprises 947 municipalities grouped in 42 regions