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Catalonia has a highly developed educational system, from the school to offer vocational training and higher and university education and graduate degree (PhD, postgraduate and master). Also see what to do to learn Catalan.

Educational resources and services, how the Catalan education system works, which education offered...

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  • Studying in Catalonia

    Information on what types of studies can be studied and educational levels, pre-registration, orientation for students and recognition of qualifications

Catalonia offers a wide range of university courses for people who have decided to study 3rd level education or who wish to come here to study from other places.

They are almost 1.000 official university degrees, belonging to different branches of knowledge.

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Administrative procedures before arrival and listing well classified of aids offered by the Administration of the Generalitat de Catalunya and State Government.

The European Union and other countries also have exchange or grant programmes for students.

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Courses to learn or improve learning, official certificates...

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  • Intercat

    Set of electronic resources to learn the Catalan culture and language, mainly aimed at mobility student coming to Catalan universities.


    Virtual learning space with didactic materials for learning the Catalan language.

  • Catalan language website

    Thematic website with information and services from bodies of the Generalitat Government that work in the field of linguistic normalisation.

  • Volunteer for the language

    Language partners to learn or improve Catalan through conversation.

Update:  19.06.2014