Trade and consumer affairs in Catalonia

  • Budget for 2017

    Budget for the Ministry for Business and Labour, assigned to the management of employment and businesses, telecommunications, consumption, energy, tourism and trade.

  • Min. of Business and Knowledge

    Responsible for overseeing trade and craft products, consumption and tourism, industry, energy and the information society.

  • Plans and measures

    Strategic documents specifying the future scenario we hope to attain and the measures needed to achieve this in the areas of business and employment.

  • Trade

    Information on trading regulations and the supervision of commercial establishments and municipal markets, and trade fairs, craft products and fashion.

  • Catalan Consumer Agency

    Information on all aspects of consumer affairs, market control, the safety of products, so that consumers can submit complaints or report irregularities.

  • Trading, Craftsmanship and Fashion Consortium

    Regulates the promotion and development of the trade and craft sector and supports the Catalan fashion industry in this country and abroad.

  • Catalan Food Safety Agency

    Responsible for the scientific assessment, analysis and dissemination of health hazards related to foodstuffs throughout the food chain.

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