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The Catalan economy

  • Insurances

    Information on the control and supervision of insurance entities as well as the management of risks.

  • Catalan economy

    Data of the Catalan economy: structural features, economic situation, studies, publications...

  • European funds

    Regional and cohesion policy of the European Union (EU) to promote the development of Catalonia.

  • Budgets

    How they are prepared, regulation, statistics...

  • Treasury and payments

    How to manage payment to suppliers and debts, models and forms, deferrals, bonds and deposits.

  • Tributes

    Taxes and rates, fiscal benefits, resolutions and instructions on tributes.

  • Relation with investors

    Which are the sources and resources of funding of Catalonia as well as the indebtedness.

  • Public finances

    The model of autonomic financing, execution of the budget, stability and sustainability of public finances and  fiscal balance of Catalonia with central Administration

  • Taxes in Catalonia

    Platform providing information and assistance to tax-payers in Catalonia.

  • Public procurement

    Platform dealing with public procurement services, with information on tenders and awards of contracts for contractors and those submitting tenders.