The Catalan economy

  • Budget for 2017

    Budget for the Ministry of Enterprise and Knowledge, allocated to the Exchequer, betting and gambling, finance, universities and research, telecommunications and the tax system.

  • Scope of activity

    Information on insurance, public procurement, the public sector economy, banks and the securities market, European funding, financing, relations with investors, taxes and budgets. 

  • Catalunya 2020

    Catalan research and innovation strategy for intelligent specialisation (RIS3CAT) aimed at promoting intelligent, sustainable and comprehensive growth.

  • Catalan Taxation Agency

    Body responsible for the management, collection, settlement and inspection of Generalitat of Catalonia taxes and those delegated to it by the Spanish central government.

  • Taxes in Catalonia

    Platform providing information and assistance to tax-payers in Catalonia.

  • Public procurement

    Platform dealing with public procurement services, with information on tenders and awards of contracts for contractors and those submitting tenders.

  • Statistical Institute of Catalonia (Idescat)

    Statistical information on Catalonia with data concerning the country, its population, society and economy.

  • Catalan Institute of Finances

    Government of Catalonia public credit institution providing long-term financing for the public and private sectors.