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Sport and leisure in Catalonia

  • Budget for 2017

    Breakdown of the Generalitat of Catalonia budget for 2017, with details of income and expenditure and information about organisations in the public sector.

  • Presidential Department

    Provides support for the President of the Government of Catalonia, governance, attention to the public, and policy on sport.

  • Min. of Labour, Social Affairs and Families

    Responsible for labour and social policies related to the welfare state, the fight against social exclusion, social integration, religious diversity and organisations.

  • Min. of the Vice-presidency and of the Economy and Finance

    Responsible for overseeing economic policy, credit and debt, finance and the insurance sector, presentation of public accounts, taxation and tenders.

  • Sector plans for sport

    Documents specifying the future scenario we hope to attain and the measures needed to achieve this in the area of sport.

  • National Plan for Youth

    Reference framework for policies affecting young people, designed to respond to the new needs and aspirations and the world in which they live.

  • Sport

    Sports policy, training, specialisation and further training of graduates in physical education, management of top level competitive sport and the Circuit de Catalunya.

  • Betting and gaming

    Authorisations and regulations for gaming machines, bingo halls, casinos, lotteries, gaming halls, and organisations inspecting and restricting access to gaming establishments.

  • Education in leisure

    Initiatives, movements and experiences related to the leisure of children and young people for educational purposes outside the school curriculum and the family environment.

  • Sailing and diving

    Centres, courses and qualifications for sailing and fishing vessels and diving, both leisure and professional: exams, qualifications, courses, teaching centres and related taxes.

  • Circuit de Catalunya

    Located in Montmeló (Barcelona), it hosts various car and motor-cycle races, and a number of other events.

  • High Performance Centre

    Organisation providing support for sportsmen and sportswomen to enable them to compete at national level.

  • National Institute of Physical Education

    Higher education centre for the teaching, specialisation and advanced training of graduates in physical education and sport, and for scientific research.

  • Catalan Lottery

    Information on games, results of draws, legislation on lotteries and policy for responsible gaming.

  • Cultural diary

    Search for cultural events anywhere in Catalonia since 1990.

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