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Housing in Catalonia

  • Budget for 2015

    Breakdown of the Generalitat of Catalonia budget for 2015, with details of income and expenditure and information about organisations in the public sector.

  • Min. of Governance, Public Administrations and Housing

    Responsible for the functioning of electronic government and public services, electoral processes, institutional relations, religious affairs and Housing.

  • Strategic plans and projects

    Documents specifying the future scenario we hope to attain and the measures needed to achieve this in the area of regional planning.

  • Scope of activity

    Information on buying, renting and refurbishing housing, promoting officially protected housing, technical specifications and urban architecture.

  • Districts

    Information about projects for urban areas and districts requiring special attention, such as the Catalan Neighbourhood Programme and the local district network.

  • Catalan Housing Agency

    A public body that supervises the implementation of the Catalan Government's housing policy.

  • Incasòl

    Concerned with land development, both for housing and business, the restoration of our historical heritage, urban renovation and the management of deposits for rental agreements.