Justice in Catalonia

  • Budget for 2017

    Breakdown of the budget for the Ministry of Justice, allocated to administration, penal institutions, sentence enforcement and justice for young offenders and legal institutions.

  • Private mediation

    To promote mediation and facilitate access to all citizens, to manage the General registers of mediators in family affairs and in private law, to designate mediators, to monitor procedures, to standardise studies and to structure the public service.

  • Corrective Services

    Penal enforcement in Catalonia covers various areas: correctional centres, reinsertion, criminal redress, institutional and social collaboration, Prisoners' Legal Services, technical advice on penal issues...

  • Strategic plans and projects

    Documents specifying the future scenario we hope to attain and the measures needed to achieve this in the area of justice.

  • Administration of Justice

    Information about how justice is administered in Catalonia: courts and tribunals, legal advice, free justice, legal medicine, juries, etc.

  • Justice portal

    Digital compilation of laws in force, with consolidated texts of Catalan legislation and parts of Spanish and European Union law. Free consultation of up-to-date legislation in Catalan.

  • Scope of activity

    Information regarding attention to the victims of crime, Catalan civil law, justice for young offenders, penal measures and rehabilitation, mediation and legal organisations.