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Justice in Catalonia

  • Electronic judicial headquarters

    Information on the services and procedures that the Justice Administration in Catalonia offers to citizens and legal professionals.

  • Administration of Justice

    Information about how justice is administered in Catalonia: courts and tribunals, legal advice, free justice, legal medicine, juries, etc.

  • Assistance for victims

    Information and assistance for the victims of crime, with addresses, contact phone numbers, and offices victims can go to.

  • Memory

    Recovery, commemoration and development of democratic memory for the period 1931 to 1980. 

  • Reinsertion

    The Center for Initiatives for Reinsertion (CIRE) gives second opportunities to people deprived of freedom, through training in offices and productive work

  • Mediation

    To promote mediation and facilitate access to all citizens, to manage the General registers of mediators in family affairs and in private law, to designate mediators, to monitor procedures, to standardise studies and to structure the public service.

  • Catalan civil law

    Catalonia has a specific civil code, with its own legislation and jurisprudence.

  • Corrective Services

    Penal enforcement in Catalonia covers various areas: correctional centres, reinsertion, criminal redress, technical advice on penal issues...

  • Justice portal

    Digital compilation of laws in force, with consolidated texts of Catalan legislation and parts of Spanish and European Union law. Free consultation of up-to-date legislation in Catalan.

  • Juridical entities

    Associations, federations, foundations, professional schools, academies, religious entities, political parties, groups of interest...

  • Civil and political rights

    What rights are, how to denounce the violation of rights, entities and organizations committed to civil and political rights ...

  • Juvenile justice

    Mediation and extrajudicial reparation, advice of the minors and prosecuted youngsters and execution of measures dictated by the judicial organs.

  • Alternative penal measures

    To give a less distressing response than the prison sentences of freedom for the commission of a misdemeanor or of a minor or less serious crime.