The environment in Catalonia

  • Min. of Territory and Sustainability

    Responsible for policies concerning land and regional, infrastructures, transport, environmental, water and waste, meteorology and renewable energy.

  • Sector plans and programmes

    Documents specifying the future scenario and the measures to achieve this in the areas of woodland, protected natural areas, flora and fauna, and biodiversity.

  • Plan for Spaces of Natural Interest in Catalonia

    Planning instrument which structures the system of protected spaces in Catalonia and integrates this system in the region as a whole.

  • Plan to Support the Third Environmental Sector

    Social agency active in identifying and solving environmental problems, an element for social cohesion and inclusion in Catalonia.

  • Plan for Energy and Climate Change

    Direction the Generalitat to energy policy in Catalonia, incorporating aspects of the mitigation of climate change related to energy.

  • Natural environment

    Information on protected natural areas, fire prevention, inland hunting and fishing, forestry management, livestock trails, fauna, flora and pets, and wetlands.

  • Environment and sustainability

    Information about the atmosphere, environmental assessment, sustainability, sustainable production, natural heritage, water, waste, and meteorology.

  • Parks in Catalonia

    Catalonia has an extensive network of protected areas, from the mountains to the coast, ranging from Eurosiberian woodlands to semi-desert scrub and marine areas.

  • Forestal catalana

    Forestry management, construction of infrastructures, environmental conservation and replanting woodland, and management of livestock, fauna and aquatic life.

  • Climate change

    Policies for combating climate change in Catalonia by mitigating its effects and looking for the most suitable formulae for adapting to it.

  • Catalan Water Agency

    How water is managed in Catalonia, its supply and treatment following the principles of environmental and economic, and guaranteeing its quality.

  • Waste Agency of Catalonia

    Policies for managing the waste generated in Catalonia, with the aim of minimising it, encouraging selective collection and recycling.

  • Catalan Meteorological Service

    Information on meteorology and climate, anticipation and surveillance of risk situations, use and dissemination of data from meteorological stations.

  • Advisory Council for Sustainable Development

    Promoting participation in policies and measures that may have an impact on the environment or sustainable development.