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Membership of associations and public participation in Catalonia

  • Community action

    Programmes working towards social inclusion and cohesion, including programmes for public participation, associations and voluntary work, and advisory services for organisations.

  • Voluntary work

    Plans to promote voluntary work, with grants, subsidies and other measures to provide support for organisations and the public.

  • Elections and referendums

    Information on election terminology, elections and referendums in Catalonia, bibliography on electoral matters, legislation, election data and loan of ballot boxes.

  • Democratic participation

    This manages civic involvement and the spaces for participation in the Government of Catalonia.

  • Participa gencat

    Online citizen participation portal of the Government of Catalonia, created to facilitate public involvement in the tasks of governing.

  • Juridical entities

    Associations, federations, foundations, professional schools, academies, religious entities, political parties, groups of interest...

  • Associations for young people

    Supervision of and support for the participation of young people in associations and other organisations, as well as student exchange programmes.

  • Juvenile entities searcher

    Juvenile associations, entities that loan youth services, juvenile sections of other associations or entities and local councils of youth.

  • Xarxanet

    News and resources for entities and volunteering.