Membership of associations and public participation in Catalonia

  • Min. of Labour, Social Affairs and Families

    Responsible for labour and social policies related to the welfare state, the fight against social exclusion, social integration, religious diversity and organisations.

  • Ministry of Justice

    Responsible for the administration of justice in Catalonia, prison services, Catalan civil law, associations, foundations, notaries and registrars.

  • Community action

    Programmes working towards social inclusion and cohesion, including programmes for public participation, associations and voluntary work, and advisory services for organisations.

  • Voluntary work

    Plans to promote voluntary work, with grants, subsidies and other measures to provide support for organisations and the public.

  • Elections and referendums

    Information on election terminology, elections and referendums in Catalonia, bibliography on electoral matters, legislation, election data and loan of ballot boxes.

  • Democratic participation

    This manages civic involvement and the spaces for participation in the Government of Catalonia.

  • Participa gencat

    Online citizen participation portal of the Government of Catalonia, created to facilitate public involvement in the tasks of governing.

  • Associations for young people

    Supervision of and support for the participation of young people in associations and other organisations, as well as student exchange programmes.

  • Association procedures

    Advice on how to carry out procedures with associations, either online or in person (how to constitute or dissolve an association, modify the articles of association, request the register data, etc.).

  • Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation

    Responsible for managing development cooperation policy and humanitarian action