Healthcare in Catalonia

  • Canal salut: the public

    Information concerning health for the public: the healthcare system, rights and obligations, emergencies and an A to Z directory.  

  • Canal salut: professionals

    Information on healthcare for professionals: guides to clinical practice, resources, training, research and innovation, healthcare professions, and assessment. 

  • La Meva Salut

    Place for personal consultation of health information. Secure access must be sought in the CAP

  • Public Health Centres

    The Catalan health care model has a diversity of health care providers who manage health services for the public and are contracted and certified by CatSalut.

  • Search for healthcare centres

    NHS healthcare centres: primary healthcare centres (CAP), CAP open all hours, local surgeries and specialised healthcare centres: hospitals, social care centres and mental health centres.

  • The system of health

    It is universal and to access it is necessary to identify with the individual sanitary card (TSI).

  • Health channels

    Diabetes, cancer, drugs, medicines, donation and transplantations, blood donation, security to the patients...

  • Medical Emergencies

    Health care in emergencies and out-of-hospital emergencies and the management of urgent medical transport

  • 061, CatSalut Respon

    Solve problems and doubts about health 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (telephone, app, chat and mail).

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