Social services in Catalonia

  • Action plans

    Documents detailing strategies for work in areas such as combating poverty, immigration, people with disabilities, addiction, and social services in general.

  • Social Services

    Basic and specialised social services, resources, grants and benefits.

  • Immigration

    Data on immigration, reception, reports on foreign residents, information and guidance for immigrants, mentoring service and grants and benefits.

  • Dependence

    Information and resources related to situations of dependence, carers and professionals in the sector, and policies to promote personal autonomy. 

  • People with disabilities

    What disability is and how to recognise it, information and guidance, resources and support for autonomy in the home.

  • Social inclusion and cohesion

    Services and resources to anticipate and combat factors leading to social exclusion and provide the tools needed to build a more cohesive and just society.

  • Free legal assistance

    The Generalitat of Catalonia guarantees people's constitutional right to free justice.

  • Assistance for victims

    Information and assistance for the victims of crime, with addresses, contact phone numbers, and offices victims can go to.

  • Social service documentation: DIXIT

    Management of knowledge concerning social welfare, citizens' rights, promoting personal autonomy,and help with dependence.

  • Xarxa Òmnia

    Proactive social and educational programme for individual development and support for vulnerable groups.