Catalan society, the community and families

  • Action plans

    Documents detailing strategies for work in social services, women's issues, families, immigration, young people, lesbians, gays, transsexuals and bisexuals, the Roma population, etc.

  • Scope of activity

    Information about social services, families, the elderly, immigration, children and adolescents, young people, lesbians, gays, transsexuals and bisexuals,

  • Memory, peace and human rights

    Policies for recovering democratic memory and fostering peace and human rights from an integrated and interactive perspective. 

  • Memory

    Recovery, commemoration and development of democratic memory for the period 1931 to 1980. 

  • Institut Català de les Dones (Catalan Institute for Women)

    Organisation promoting, coordinating and assessing the Government's policies on and for women.

  • Statute of Autonomy

    This is the basic institutional definition of the rights and obligations of the people of Catalonia, its political institutions, powers and relationship with Spain, and the financing. 


    Web portal created by and for young people, with information on housing, work, education, the economy, culture, technology, holidays, health, solidarity, sport, the environment, etc. 

  • Ombudsman

    Deals with complaints from people who are defenceless against action or lack of action by government bodies, and oversees the correct functioning of the Government's bodies.