The university in Catalonia

  • Budget for 2017

    Budget for the Ministry of Enterprise and Knowledge, allocated to the Exchequer, betting and gambling, finance, universities and research, telecommunications and the tax system.

  • Min. of Business and Knowledge

    Responsible for overseeing trade and craft products, consumption and tourism, industry, energy and the information society.

  • Policies and main activities

    What is the policy on universities? And science? How much is spent on R&D? What is the strategy for research and innovation?

  • Quality of the University System in Catalonia

    Strategic plan to guarantee the quality of higher education, in line with European standards.

  • Doctorates in industry

    Strategy to the competitiveness and growth of industry, retain talent and place doctorate students in conditions where they can carry out RDI projects.

  • Scope of activity

    Access and admission to university, university studies, grants and subsidies, the use of Catalan at universities and information about employment in the Catalan university system.

  • University access

    Portal dealing with university access: entrance examinations and pre-enrolment


    Management of grants and support programmes for the university community and research and innovation professionals in the public and private sectors.