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Support to processing

Accessing to My folder

Check the technical conditions for accessing the My Folder space: accepted certificates, operating systems and browsers.

Electronic notifications

Check the technical conditions for accessing electronic notifications and the instructions for accessing from different browsers.

Digital identification

Know the mechanisms for processing digital identification valid online or accessing electronic services of the Government of Catalonia.

Configuration of Adobe Reader and downloading pdf forms

Configuration of Adobe Reader to perform online processing, downloading the form to your personal computer and instructions on how to download PDF forms

Attached files in the application forms

See what kind of files can be attached when performing online processing, as well as recommendations about how to convert files to PDF, maximum file size, etc.

Frequently asked questions

Resolve any doubts you have about online processing: How can I download a form? What is an acknowledgement of receipt used for? What kind of documents can I attach?

If you have any questions or problems in processing your procedure, please use the contact form provided, selecting the relevant subject. You can also call 012, which provides general information on the processes of these formalities.