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The Catalan e-administration model aims to facilitate relations with the public and offer a comprehensive view of all government agencies. To this end we provide the idCAT digital certificate and idCAT Mobile.

Thanks to the idCAT digital certificate, we can do business with the Administration while ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of the data transmitted: sign forms, e-mails and other electronic documents. For less complicated procedures we can identify ourselves using idCAT Mobile, an identification service based on a single-use password sent to a mobile phone.

With both idCAT and idCAT Mobile you can access My folder, the space that collects information about some of the tasks that the citizen can do with the Administration of the Generalitat.

Here we describe the advantages and benefits of having idCAT Certificate or idCAT Mobile and how to obtain them.

idCAT Certificate

Use this digital certificate to identify yourself on the Internet and carry out procedures with the Administration. It can be obtained from idCAT Registries.

idCAT Mobile

Thanks to this service you can carry out certain online procedures with the Administration, identifying yourself via your mobile phone.