Vull identificar-me digitalment
Vull identificar-me digitalment
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What do I need to do to identify myself digitally?

Digital certificates and idCAT Mòbil are identification mechanisms valid for online transactions of the Government of Catalonia.

It should be noted that some of these online services or transactions only accept one particular type of digital identification. To learn more about these restrictions, you must check the information available for each online service or the terms and conditions that govern it.

Digital certification

Set of digital certificates issued by different certification agencies, authorised by the AOC (Open Administration of Catalonia) as means of identification before the Government of Catalonia. The certificates issued by certifying entities outside Spain are not valid for processing.

idCAT Mòbil

Identification system based on the use of single-use passwords sent by SMS to your mobile phone. No certificates are needed and the system has no expiry date. In addition, you can register for the service free of charge and anyone over 16 years of age can request to do so on the Internet.